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mercoledì 9 settembre 2009

A place called home!2 reality...but no worries

soooooooooooo amigos
how to start

how to put down few more words sitting in this chair, under a roof, well protect from the weather and with the unic comfort of......mum's house
yes it is
i made it. we made it.
me and valentina.
well almost
actually 5 km before mum's home the bearings of the rear wheel brake down completly and i had to push the bike untill home.
what a perfect story
and now i have to fix the bike before the last 25 km to my favourite square, where everything begun
piazza santo stefano
and now i'm spending this beautiful time riconnecting with my dearest old friends, checking all around me what i use to be, or i should say what i use to own
2 reality
one of the time of relation with friends and family that stopped in the exact time i left italy and started again now
the second one is what i became during this time. more a human being than a concept or an amount of stuff or ideas
in the first reality i struggle to understand that time
really past since the last time i was here hugging these people
and i can just see it in some different houses and some pictures of mine with mustaches and machete cutting coconut in mexico in my grandmum's house
in the second reality i'm realizing the rush of this society torward something no too good
but good people are everywhere...just matter of chosing what you want to be
so i stretch my self holding the 2 parts till they come together, celebrating and keep loving life
because smile is the solution
karma will bring new goods for hopefully succed in my projects
so let's keep enjoy the ride
because jonny is back, but life goes forward and this is just another step to nirvana
nothing ended
is just another beautiful beginning.....
and you, my friend, keep trying to be your best super hero, like jonny is mine

jonny is back,
back in pink
patchamama power

17 days
2 days rest
8 days no stop
17 mountain pass
the most importants are:
grossclockner strasse 33km uphill 2540m
cima bianca
passo falzarego
passo valparola
passo campolungo
passo pordoi, detto cima coppi
passo sella
passo cima bondone:1300 m elevation gain 83 kickturn done at 1 pm in full sun heat with full digestion happening to escape from a killer traffic without knowing the hell i was putting myself into it. it's been banned from the tour the italia i almost died
3 nights on a bed all the rest under stars and rain
60 euro to cross the whole austria, in italy i started to celebrate in osteria and the price went up
i found valentina in an underground shop in budapest; was no more than a dusty rusty fram with one wheels. i asked the guy to build it for me with only second hands part and cheap. the front and rear wheels bearing and the cranck bearing set brake down but we made it till here
thanks to all of you dear friends; you are the engine that power the dreams and make it possible
keep ride the line of the balance of life
i remember all of you and all the land and their teaching are still well present im my memories
i'm in a way still there, because everything at the end is connect in the whole cosmovision.
i can feel thailand, australia ,new zealand, mexico, canada, alaska pumping on my vein.....
it is amazing
check some more pictures in
jonny girardengo

2 commenti:

rutto ha detto...

Abbraccia Bologna per me e goditi l'euforia del ritorno.
Vorrei salutarti con un "pace e amore" ma non sono abbastanza freak per farlo. E allora accontentati di un BELLA VEZ!

Lorenz ha detto...

soccia !! grande, allora presto ci si becca! evvvvvaiiii!!