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lunedì 5 gennaio 2009


-are you going home?
-yes i think so.i want to write
-stay.have a drink with me
jonny looked at her straight in the eyes and felt something good inside
was the feel of loving.not her. she was gorgeous and his mind was ready to move on the idea of her tits but decide to stay still on the pure filling of love.
but in the background imagines of making love where popping up
-alright. i get a glass of pinot noir
they sited outside the bar watching a windy day on the beautiful lake
-so are you living soon
asked jonny
-yeah going to india
they talked about the amazing experience will be getting culture and spirituality. new zealand is definitely poor in those
so moved to the yoga and massage
-you should go to to bayron bay in a great place for that and you have to stop to australia for a cheap fly to asia
-really?do people sail to go there
-yes the neighbor of my brother did it in 3 day.
and my brother kayaked from australia to papa nuova guinea in 6 days
jonny mouth felt wide open
-awesome!i want to do it
she gave him more information about those place and drawed him a map

jonny thought
-ok i go!
i was felling already the new zealand wasn't the place for him.
beautiful remote nature, but human wise seem imported and superficial, with no much culture.
few people came to surf the couch of jonny and after visiting the islands had the same impression.
a them park. perfect and with the security way out
"live the wild dream on the road without any problem.guaranteed or reimbursed"

jonny spent time listening the wind and got the message from the nature but still the uman feeling was with no much passion going on.

i was living quiet at his home writing starting to painting and baking bread
getting things done. that was his learning
but the road was starting to bring some sign just a matter of feeling; after you can get it, if you believe in feeling and in you, and for sure in life.

jonny loved skateboarding and other sport that give big challenge for free the mind from bullshit.
is still love skateboarding cause is art.
but sometimes they are a need for free you from the stress of "something wrong" life
now he found a new exiting challenge: listening sign and trying to have the courage to go for it.
fucking amazing. still art, with one big difference: you are not running away from "something any" life; you are going straight into it
into your nirvana

good as sex with your loved girl in a cold winter night in fornt of a fireplace with little wisky
and outside is dumping snow
fresh "pow pow" powder tomorrow

-i will go!
said again jonny and watched her in the eyes

jonny in love

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