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martedì 6 gennaio 2009

do you want to be important? do it! Save the planet

(presto la versione italiana)

i'm pretty tired you know.
is been a long day of working, trying to fishing, trying to climbing with a too strong of a climber.
i enjoyed a simple dinner and i watched another of those documentary about how bad we are treating the world...our mother heart.
so i know that a lot of people are too busy or tired too listen about this stuff, or maybe are motivated to start a change but after they forget cause everything seem to work alright like this anyway
1-we are seek and we take pills and we keep dying, and we spend money to do it
2-we pollute the world and poison the soil and air exploiting nation for shit food that make us seek so we can go back to the point one and go to the doctor to take pills and we pay for do it
3-we are stressed out and we pay for do it

but let's make it simple cause this is important stuff
Now you tell me how good it is to take a good walk for visit a friend in a house that he just ended up to build.he invited over you for a dinner with some good food from the garden. a good wine trade it with the neighbor for some hand made cheese
why this?
cause is simple, is product of good work with respect and care of
in this way you celebrate everything, you give respect and importance and all this get so much good taste and joy
where the stress is gone?
you forgot it about
you made your day
this is the point why care about everything
instead of weird worrying situation if you give care and respect to what you are doing, on what you are eating, everything just become special, so tasty and instead a time of weird sensation and worrying you have a little beautiful moment build it up on your decision of celebrating life
thanks to you
and you are helping the heart and other people
you are spreading happiness and is even chipper
you are feeding your soul
i know organic is more expensive....but i'm telling you something is really feeding you
and is healing you

do you know that the money that you put in the bank are financing army for these wars?
do you know there are different banks? -banca etica in italy

do you know that food really matters in your healt and you can heal yourself cheeper and better and without too much doctors? even cancer -check the video "food matters" really inspiring and positive

do you know that the global warming is really getting crazy zand is not to hard to do something for -check the video "an inconvinient truth" scary but do we want help to keep this beauty or not?

do you know why gmo really sucks? they are making disappearing all the good products of the earth and exploiting and killing people -check the video "the world according to monsanto"

why do this?
cause first af all give importance to yours daily actions, make you celebreate your daily life with something more important than the social worring; you taste the simple beauty and importanc of any single day. and you are helping the planet
isn' it enough?
you are not even helping to killing anyone
isn' it enough?
it is even chepper!
isn' it enough?
is a fun game called: " i'm not a number and i saving the planet with my own two hands!"
so play with me
let's have some fun
let's celebrate life

jonny riot

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